Exam Preparation

There is a full array of Radiologic exams which will require a preparation for the procedure. Our educated staff can answer all questions regarding the requirements of your specific exam. Please call any of our contact numbers or e-mail us with questions about the exam that your referring doctor has ordered. Most importantly, you should come in comfortable clothes, and try to relax. Our friendly staff is more than happy to educate you on your procedure, and help you through the exam. Most exams range from 15-30 minutes and are almost always a pleasant experience when visiting our facilities.

MRI / MRA (Magnetic Resonance): No Preparation required unless sedation is to be used. If sedation is needed, please arrive 1 Hour prior to exam, and take nothing by mouth 3 hours prior to exam.

CT SCAN – (ABDOMEN AND/OR PELVIS): Obtain REDICAT (Oral Contrast) from our office 1-3 days prior to exam. Refrigerate. Begin drinking 1 1/2 hours before bedtime on the evening prior to exam. Nothing by mouth starting at midnight. Drink additional oral contrast 1 hour prior to exam.

MAMMOGRAM: No deodorant, powder, perfume or lotion on day of exam.