Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make your visit as comfortable as possible, we want to answer any questions you may have regarding your test. Below are some common questions about our scans as well as our technology. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to call us at:

Allium Imaging: 718-408-5000

Greenpoint Imaging: 718-389-5000

Rockland Imaging: 845-353-0400

Upright Imaging: 914-969-1818

Q.  Can I receive a copy of my films or medical records?

A.  We send your films directly to your physician within 24 hours. To request medical records please follow the link below.  (Placeholder link)

Q.  What information do I need to bring to facilitate the payment process?

A.  Bring your insurance information, your insurance card, ID number, and group number. Also, for workers’ compensations claims and automobile injuries, bring your claim number, the date of injury and information of your attorney.

Q. Do I need preauthorization from my health insurance company?

A.  Some plans require preauthorization. Check with your insurance policy to see if this is necessary.  For a list of preauthorization and accepted insurance providers please see the link below.  Your insurance company can also inform you as to what is covered and what is not.

Q. I currently do not have medical insurance. Can I get a price quote on a procedure?

A.  If you do not have medical insurance call our office at (placeholder). We will be happy to give you an estimate.

Q.  Can I drive myself to and from the test?

A. For nearly all tests, you will be able to drive afterward and continue your normal daily activities.  However, if sedation is administered a driver is requested for your safety.  When scheduling your appointment we will let you know if a driver is needed.

Q. Why do I need to arrive 15 minutes before my appointment? A.  It’s necessary for you to arrive early in order to verify your registration.

Q. What should I wear for my exam?

A.  Wear loose comfortable clothing without metal snaps or zippers, such as a cotton sweatsuit. You may be asked to change into a hospital gown. Your own changing room will be provided for your clothing and valuables.

CT Questions

Q.  What part of the body does the CT scanner focus on?

A.  A CT is used to view many areas of the body, including the head, sinus cavity, chest, abdomen, urinary tract, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and renal arteries. CT scans are well known for imaging fine, detailed bony anatomy.

Q.  How long does the exam take?

A.  A CT scan takes about 15 minutes, depending on the type of the exam.

Q.  Do I need to prepare before my exam?

A. Preparation for a CT scan depends on the type of examination requested by your physician. Please see the link below for preparation guidelines.

Q.  How will I feel after the exam?

A.  In nearly all cases, you may continue normal activity immediately after a CT exam.

MRI Questions

Q.  What part of the body does the MRI scanner focus on?
A.  The MRI scanner examines one area of the body at a time. The MRI scanner can take pictures of the head, neck, back, abdomen, pelvis, shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, foot, blood vessels and more. MRI is predominantly excellent at distinguishing soft tissues such as imaging the brain, spinal cord and joint structures.

Q.  How long does the exam take?

A. The entire examination typically lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

Q.  Are there any special preparations/restrictions?
A. There is no special preparation required prior to undergoing an MRI.  However, to see all the preparation guidelines for all tests, please see the link below.

Q.  Is there any risk in an MRI?

A.  MRI is a very safe procedure. There are no health risks associated with the magnetic field or the radio waves. There also no side effects or radiation exposure.