Why Is It So Hard To Find Diet Dr Pepper? (Correct answer)

The rising demand for the beverage, according to the brand’s parent company, Keurig Dr Pepper, is the cause of the scarcity, according to CNN. Increasing customer demand for Dr Pepper would be consistent with the overall pattern of consumers resorting to snacking and processed goods during the duration of the coronavirus outbreak, according to the company.

Did Dr Pepper discontinued?

We’re sorry you’re having difficulty locating Dr Pepper Ten. Although it is not being phased out at this time, certain markets are experiencing a shift in distribution.

Why can’t I find Diet Dr Pepper and cream soda?

The site believes that the coronavirus is partially to blame for the scarcity, and that the shortfall is being caused by people purchasing more canned beverages at the start of the pandemic to counter their consumption that would typically occur in bars and restaurants..

Why is there a shortage of Dr Pepper 10?

The rising demand for the beverage, according to the brand’s parent company, Keurig Dr Pepper, is the cause of the scarcity, according to CNN.

Why is it hard to find Dr Pepper 10?

Dr Pepper is the latest commodity to go absent from store shelves, following shortages of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wheat, and yeast, among other items. The brand acknowledged the matter in a tweet on August 10th, stating, “We understand that Dr Pepper is becoming increasingly difficult to come by these days.” Dr Pepper claims that the shortage is the result of rising demand.

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Does Walmart have Diet Dr Pepper Cream Soda?

– 12 fl oz cans of Diet Dr Pepper Cream Soda (Diet Dr Pepper Cream Soda, 12 pack) – Walmart.com

Do they make Diet Dr Pepper with Cream Soda?

Enjoy a Diet Dr Pepper Cream Soda today, and welcome the newest rich, smooth, and creamy member of the Dr Pepper family into your life. Your taste buds will appreciate you for the delightful smooth cream soda taste and the unique combination of 23 flavors that we have to offer. Other sodas can make an attempt, but only Dr Pepper can satisfy your need for a flavorful beverage.

Is there a shortage of Dr Pepper?

The company stated that it is collaborating with distributors to address the shortage of the drink. (CNN) Dr Pepper may now be added to the list of products affected by the epidemic. Some sections of the United States are unable to obtain the famous beverage, just as they were unable to obtain toilet paper before it. A message on Twitter from Dr Pepper stated that the shortages apply to all of their flavors.

Is Diet Dr Pepper discontinued 2020?

Some people were concerned that Dr Pepper Zero Sugar might replace the brand’s current diet beverage, but a spokeswoman for the company told McClatchy News that Diet Dr Pepper is not going away. “Diet Dr Pepper is here to stay and continues to be a popular brand among customers,” said a representative for the beverage company.

Has Dr Pepper 10 been discontinued?

Dr Pepper 10 oz. bottle That this product has been withdrawn from the market is really unfortunate; if anybody from the corporation happens to see these reviews, they should take immediate action.

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Does Dr Pepper 10 have aspartame?

Despite the fact that Pepper Ten includes just 10 calories per serving, it still contains sneaky ingredients such as aspartame and caramel color.

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